• PIR Motion Sensor

The product is the new energy saving switch adopted integrated circuit and the good sensitivity detector. It incorporates automatic, conveniet, energy saving, safe and practical. It works by human motion infrared rays. It can start the controlled load at once when body enters detection field. it can identify day and night automatically. 




Operating Voltage110V-130V/AC  220-240V/ AC 50-60Hz
Detection Range

120° (Side View) x 360°  (Top View)

Detection Distance6m (Max.24)
Detection Speed0.6 - 1.5 m/s
Averange LoadMax. 800W resistive load (110-130V/AC)  Max. 1200W resistive load (220-240V/AC)
Environment Temperature-20℃ - + 40℃
Environment Humidity<93% RH
Ambient Light<3-2000 Lux (Adjustable)
Time DelayMin 10 sec ± 5sec ~Max. 7min±2min (Adjustable)
Installation Height2.5 meter - 4.5 meter
Power Consumption0.5W (Static 0.1W)

PIR Motion Sensor

  • Brand: KRIPAL
  • Product Code: KSA003G - SURFACE

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